About Wortix


Healthcare should be affordable for everyone. In an efficient model, Doctors and Patients are taken care of properly. Global healthcare resources are vast and they can be re-distributed more efficiently with better technology. Wortix is an organization convinced to contribute to health, offering a digital platform of online medical care that simply works, connecting doctors, patients and associated health centers everywhere.


To be the best Global Online Healthcare system that helps you live a healthier life, with a team of doctors and health experts, in a wide range of specialized areas, with the most advanced and flexible services Worldwide.

¿What we do for our users?

The Wortix Team is dedicated to provide our users with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your healthcare. Our distributed network allows you to connect with a Clinic in your City or a Doctor in your neighborhood, or a Doctor in another continent:

Personalized healthcare

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Medical specialties

Teleradiology services

Laboratory Information System

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