Manage Global Operability
and profitable from your hospital, in all areas, regardless of geographic location.


The HIS Hospital Information System offers you the operational visibility you can change from managing a hospital to managing a profitable hospital. Only Wortix – HIS integrates all the departments, from pharmacies and diagnostic laboratories to the image units distributed in different geographical locations, which gives an integral aspect of your business.



  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance and Billing TPA, credit tracking
  • Medical consultation
  • Referral of patients
  • Pharmacy Information System
  • Radiology information system
  • Accident and Emergency Insurance
  • Patient management
  • Management of the theater operation
  • Tracking Department of Sterile Supplies
  • Patient’s diet and Follow the kitchen
  • MIS reports
  • OP, IP, day of care and billing of surgeries
  • Schedule of medical appointments
  • EMR and Notes S.O.A.P
  • Recipe E
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Integration with PACS
  • Days of care management
  • Nursing Care and Room Management
  • Purchases and inventory management
  • Bed linen and laundry management
  • Nursery Management
  • Administration of control systems

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