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A general description about Teleradiology Wortix


Wortix Teleradiología is a Cloud architecture service. It allows us to offer a highly scalable service which can to be adapted to the needs of our customers.

Automatic backups, unlimited storage, security protocols, 99.95% availability and into multiple zones. Each availability zone runs on its own infrastructure, independently and physically different, and is designed to offer high confidence levels.

In addition,  in the case of extremely rare disasters, such as fires, tornadoes or floods, It is located in different physical locations, it let not to be affected.

DICOM-Images Trasfer

Image transfer is done in DICOM format (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), which is the standard format used in PACS systems (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems).

We use Wortix Gateway as a router to receive and to send DICOM-images for our Wortix PACS Server

Wortix Gateway is installed on a machine available in the same local network where the modalities are found, so you only need to make a configuration so that all your equipment can send your DICOM files to the Cloud.

All transfers are encrypted using the SSL security protocol.



Wortix image viewer does not require any installation, you just need a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, an internet connection and an account in Wortix Teleradiology.

Wortix Teleradiología also has a mobile version, which will further increase the ability to work remotely both for your day to day and for emergencies

Images Reading

Wortix teleradiology has a DICOM image review online

Within Wortix radiology we have a DICOM image viewer that will allow radiologists to read images wherever they are.

It has all the basic and advanced tools used for reading radiological images, such as: matrix, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment, video mode, zoom, Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR), Hounsfield Unit (HU), among others.


Perfect combination of Wortix PACS y Wortix RIS

Through the Wortix PACS and Wortix RIS services, Wortix teleradiology becomes a complete tool for organizations and health centers working with radiological images.

Wortix PACS is responsible for the storage of radiological images in DICOM format. Our system in the cloud is very modern, therefore the availability of the images is 99.9999999999% thanks to the S3 technology of Amazon AWS, our strategic partner.

Do not be worried about the storage space. With our technological system in the cloud we offer you a service without limit of space. You will not be worried because your hard drive has been filled, or because you need to renew it. Neither will it be a concern for you to acquire new licenses to have more capacity.

You may think that such storage is very expensive, but do not worry, thanks to our system of transaction charges you can pay only for use.

Wortix RIS is the necessary complement for the PACS system, because it provides an optimized workflow according to the needs. This helps to have decentralized access to information, remote access, work queues, access by users, diagnostic reports and sending reports to the patient.

It has customizable templates to accelerate the development of diagnostic reports. You can use the available templates or create new templates according to the type of study.

It has audio recording directly to the RIS system. A widely used tool is audio recording for diagnostics, commonly using external recorders which causes delays in the transmission of the audio file to the transcriber. Wortix Teleradiología incorporates the ability to make audio recordings directly linked to the study in question, accelerating and facilitating the transcription and the final report.

Do not wait any longer and start using Wortix Teleradiology services.

Safety and Guarantee

Safety into the Wortix cloud is our big priority

The security in the Wortix Teleradiology cloud is of higher priority. With the support of our Amazon AWS partner, we have a network architecture and a data center designed to meet the most demanding security requirements.

Data Protection


The AWS infrastructure implements powerful security measures to protect the privacy of customers. All data is stored in high security AWS data centers.

Global infrastructure

The AWS cloud operates in 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions of the world.


Wortix provides technical support service, consultations, corrections and updates according to the following service level agreement

Sending Medical Reports to patients

You can send your diagnostic reports to the patients or another Doctors

Wortix Teleradiologia allows you to send your diagnostic reports to your patients andto other doctors too by email. It let you to Accelerate and facilitate the delivery of them.

  • Save on impressions / burn CDs
  • Do not return your patients just to pick up the printed report.
  • Quicker deliveries, just send an email
  • The patient will not lose his reports (he will have a consultation panel)
  • The patient will can to share his reports with his trusted doctors
Saved hours

One of the top 5 labs in India saves 14 hours each day with the implementation of Workflow Management Sample

Managed Laboratories

An important laboratory chain efficiently manages 105 laboratories and 700 collection centers across India, on a single platform with the help of Wortix-LIS cloud-based architecture, supporting multiple tenure

Processed samples

Leading laboratory processes, for more than 30,000 samples each day using the Wortix-LIS platform for logistics, handling for the transfer of samples from collection centers throughout the country, to processing centers

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