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With the Wortix-LIS Laboratory Information System Solutions you can Accelerate TAT, reduce costs, increase revenue, scale your business and do much more …

Accelerate your business with the System
de Laboratory Information Wortix - LIS

The best part?

It is in the cloud, which means there is no need for expensive servers, hardware or additional resources.

It can be implemented with Wortix – LIS only a PC and an Internet connection.

Automate your new center in a matter of hours.

Wortix Architecture:

Integral solution

      for Laboratories

Integral solution for Laboratories

An information system based on the cloud, laboratories and laboratory chains to achieve operational efficiency and maximize revenue.

What we do



  • Registration and billing of samples
  • Samples storage and archiving
  • Mobile and Auto-authorization
  • Dispatch, logistics and information management
  • Information management system
  • Mobile phlebotomy
  • HL7 integration
  • Interconnection of devices
  • Advanced tests
  • Printing reports

of Mobility

Patient care anywhere

Line of


A Mobile Application for Pathologists (Currently available only in English)

It allows pathologists and doctors to see and authorize test results from their portable device anywhere, at any time.

Facilitates the workload and reduces the time that pathologists spend in the laboratory

Allows doctors access to patient information at the time and reduces TAT allowing laboratories to handle a greater load of patients

Allows doctors to see the medical history to better understand the patient's condition

Substantially reduces the waiting time for timely treatment of the patient

Saved hours

One of the top 5 labs in India saves 14 hours each day with the implementation of Workflow Management Sample

Managed Laboratories

An important laboratory chain efficiently manages 105 laboratories and 700 collection centers across India, on a single platform with the help of Wortix-LIS cloud-based architecture, supporting multiple tenure

Processed samples

Leading laboratory processes, for more than 30,000 samples each day using the Wortix-LIS platform for logistics, handling for the transfer of samples from collection centers throughout the country, to processing centers


          for home

A mobile application for remote phlebotomy

It allows phlebotomists to collect patient samples from home and directly update it in Wortix-LIS.

See Reserve Collection, recipient plan, billing process, generate receipt and notify laboratory in advance

Register new patients instantaneously from their homes, bringing more income

Manage phlebotomist schedules and optimize the collection process

Follow-up of the patient's address, with integrated maps, making it easier to arrive on time.

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